• Jordan Mobile Payments ( JoMoPay )
    JoMoPay is an electronic system that provides mobile payment services, where mobile wallets are registered on the system for the purpose of exchanging financial transactions between mobile wallets and to and from bank accounts. Participants of the system are Mobile Payment Service Providers (mPSPs). The JoMoPay system was officially launched on the 1st of April, 2014, as a result of radical changes that occurred in mobile payment services in terms of storing or keeping small financial values and transferring them to others to meet their financial needs. The system largely benefits population segments who are financially excluded because of their geographical location and the lack of availability of banking networks in their areas or the limitation of low funds, which hinders them from opening and sustaining bank accounts.
  • JoMoPay Participants
    There are currently eight mobile payment service providers: UWallet, Aya, Dinarak, Zain Cash, National Wallet, Orange Money, Gadha, and Mared.